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14 years · Focus on EAS anti-theft series product manufacturers with stable performance · Smart security · Green anti-theft

Commodity Anti-Theft System (EAS) Cooperation Selects Eate Anti-Theft Equipment Manufacturer Cooperation

经过多年努力,宜安特在商品防盗领域具有丰富的行业经验,产品遍销全球,欢迎行业伙伴来我司洽谈。 1. After years of hard work, Yi Ante's product agents have rich industry experience in the field of anti-theft products. Products are sold all over the world. Welcome industry partners to come to our company to negotiate.
宜安特专注于商品电子防盗系统(EAS)的研发生产,厂家直销,超高性价比,是经销商的选择。 2. Purchasing anti-theft series products Yi Ante focuses on the R & D and production of commodity electronic anti-theft systems (EAS), factory direct sales, super cost-effective, is the choice of dealers.
宜安特凭借其专注经验,免费为广大经销商、各类门店经营者提供技术指导以及合理的方案设计。 3. Anti-theft system solution Yi Ante relies on its dedicated experience to provide free technical guidance and reasonable solution design for the majority of dealers and various store operators.
承接各类AM声磁防盗、RF射频防盗以及RFID商业管理系列产品的代工生产,可根据产品规格尺寸定做。 4. Anti-theft products OEM processing to undertake all kinds of AM sound magnetic anti-theft, RF radio frequency anti-theft and RFID business management series of OEM production, can be customized according to product specifications and sizes.

Focus on providing appropriate anti-theft system for supermarkets, shopping malls, clothing stores, libraries and other places

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Commodity anti-theft with Enant is enough to choose for life and rest assured

精选进口元件 精选优质进口元件
Selected imported components

Buy imported original electronic components and new technology acrylic material, exquisite appearance design, beautiful and simple, long-term use without deformation.

全球服务技术支持 全球领先的技术支持
Global Service Technical Support

The self-developed self-check technology and DSP digital signal processing system are adopted to ensure the equipment's high label detection rate, strong anti-interference ability, and strong suppression of false positives.

性能稳定安全可控 性能稳定安全可控
Stable, safe and controllable performance

With self-adjusting and repairing functions, it can adapt to complex and changing environments. It complies with the strict European CE electromagnetic radiation standards and has high safety.

400-6936-636 Consulting Hotline 400-6936-636

Supermarket anti-theft, clothing anti-theft, library anti-theft, etc. Success Service Case

产品广泛应用于大中型超市、服装专卖店等等。 Yi Ante products are widely used in large and medium-sized supermarkets, clothing stores and so on. The company's technical team has more than 20 years of EAS industry research and development experience, and the company's design and manufacturing team has deep theoretical attainments and rich manufacturing experience. Existing products are carefully developed using technology, with sophisticated product design, sophisticated materials, fine craftsmanship, excellent performance, high detection sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and stable performance.
Guizhou Delong supermarket installs anti-theft system

Customer Name: Guizhou Delong Supermarket Product Model: Acrylic RF Antenna EC-524 Introduction: In November 2016, Guizhou Delong Supermarket purchased acrylic RF antenna EC-524 anti-theft system and supporting facilities anti-theft supplies from our company. 18th) Construction and installation are complete, congratulations to Guizhou Delong supermarket ...

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Manhole English installation books anti-theft system for children

Customer name: Ebele (Children's English) Culture Company Product name: Crystal high-end book anti-theft system EC-EM02 type Ebele cultural company purchased EC-EM02 crystal high-end book anti-theft system from our company in January 2017 and installed it Put it into use, congratulations to Ebella business is booming. EBay is the world's first ...

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3 Reasons to Choose an Anti-Theft Device

Independent research and development, production and sales integration

Provide customized solutions for users in a short time according to the equipment's combustion medium, working conditions and equipment model!

Affordable first-hand factories

Yi Ante solemnly promises to deliver within 7 working days after signing the contract, and integrity is our fundamental to our customers.

Strong after-sales experience

Quick response in 48 hours nationwide, 24 hours in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, senior engineers with more than 30 years, quickly solve difficult problems in asphalt mixing industry;

Others do not service, we have

客服咨询 Customer Service Consulting
If you have any questions during your purchase and use of the product, you can consult us.
送货上门 Delivery
Order products delivered to your door, you can also schedule an engineer to pay for installation
售后保修 After sales warranty
Yiante products have a free warranty for 5 years from the date of sale.
无忧换货 Worry-free replacement
If you are not satisfied within 15 days after receiving the goods, you can apply for a replacement.

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About YiAnte

Shenzhen Yi Ante Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yi Ante Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in EAS product anti-theft products and its supporting supplies. For 14 years, it has been focusing on the development, research, production and sales of commodity anti-theft system products. Has rich experience in EAS anti-theft series products and consumables, independently developed ... click for details >>

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